Motion & Illustration
Cape Town based 2D, 3D Animation and Illustration Studio

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Here’s a compilation of our work to reel you in.

Cool visuals, cool music, what's not to like?
Logo Stinger

We had the opportunity to bring this piece to life, which was illustrated by the talented Huston Wilson.
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In Person

A dream client that allowed us to play with new ideas and techniques.
DHL x FormulaE

Fun animation stinger for a real world build of a FormulaE car made from DHL boxes as part of an activation at the Cape Town race.
Yes! Definitely

An interesting and unexplored avenue of collaboration between a digital space, and integrating that with a physical product. Really cool people to collaborate with, and pretty excited to see where else this could go.
“I'm not brave. I just wasn't in the mood to disappoint people that day.”
DHL Pride

A statement piece that showed on screens all around the globe
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Brand Launch

Slow, intentional motion was used to breathe life into nicely illustrated animation. 
Income Lab

An explainer video, but make it fun.
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